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My child is a follower, what can I do?

Dernière mise à jour : 26 juil. 2019

A baby imitates you. He will learn your language, your eating habits and your family values. Then, at five years old, he will go to school. Some children are strong leaders and others follow them. If your child is a follower, how can you help him to develop his self-confidence and autonomy? There is no short answer to this complex issue. However, teaching critical thinking skills will help. The objectives of this blog are to give you some teaching tools to help your child to gain self-confidence.

Why should my child become critical thinker?

One of the main skill of human beings is to solve problems, analyze evidence and make their own opinions by reasoning before arguing them. Everybody has to face life problems. Leaders have inner strength to find creative solutions to complex problems. To go beyond speaking, reading and writing, a child must learn how to analyze, set priorities and select the best solutions to resolve his problems. Leaders have developed these last skills more than followers.

What do my child need to become critical thinker?

Kids need basic communication skills such as speaking, reading and writing before learning critical thinking skills. The great parental attachment helps build self-confidence. They need a secure environment and feel that they can fail and try again. Don’t forget that the best teacher is your own behavior. Your child will imitate you much more than he will listen to you.

Who can teach my child this skill?

Parents, teachers or any caregivers can teach critical thinking. Each appraisal and feedback helps children to build his self-confidence and make the difference between good and bad behaviors. With time, the child will repeat appraised behaviors and stop punished ones.

Where can I find tools to teach this skill to my child?

Everywhere! Teaching critical thinking is like taking a picture. If you have the good timing, focus and event, you are ready to go. Select the best timing to discuss with children any good or bad behaviors. Focus on lessons to learn and move on. There are great books and websites specialized on those topics.

When should I teach them this skill?

As soon as possible! If your child is very young, focus on basic skills. Teach vocabulary to develop language. Appraise any new words. Read board books. Make him repeat words. Adapt your teaching to his age group. If you don’t know what to do, read books on how to raise your children written by specialists.

Graphic: 5W of Critical Thinking Teaching


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