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Strike at Charles’ Farm

Grève à la ferme de Charles/Strike At Charles' Farm


In this new 32-page, bilingual (English/French) picture book, a young boy named Charles leads a farm. One day, he faces a problem. His farm animals go on strike. They refuse to work, want to eat more food or sleep longer. Charles asked all his animals what would make them happy. After listening to them one by one, he gathered them in the barn.

Charles told them that he understood their needs. However, he was not able to satisfy them. He offered to sell them to the zoo. The animals could have food and sleep all the day long for the rest of their lives without any obligation to work.

When they realized that Charles was serious about selling them to the zoo, all the animals asked to stay and promised to get back to work.

The happy ending will make young readers laugh and ask to read this story again and again.

Who should read this book?

  • Nonreaders young child 3 to 5 as a bedtime story

  • First grade students, easy to read and funny story

  • Young readers who wish to learn a second language (French)

  • Teachers could propose this story to young readers

What are the key messages?

  1. Your rights are as important as your responsibilities.

  2. You have to work to have food and rest.

  3. Each animal has some tasks to do and have a preferred food


Reviewed by Grady Harp for Amazon

Not only does Nicole write a fine story with an excellent moral, but she also adds questions about farm animals at the end for children ( and adults ) to learn whether they remember the facts of the story. Highly recommended book – whether you wish to read it in English or French.

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