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Amy Has a Rash



Felix ran to Amy with his magical doctor’s bag. Amy’s body was covered with red pimples, and Booboo told her she had chickenpox. Felix and all the magical instruments except View had already caught this disease. Amy and View will have to be brave against the virus. Read this story to know all the secrets of chickenpox.



Chickenpox Book Sample


Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

This beautifully illustrated children's book is part of the Felix and Booboo Series. I enjoyed it so much because it allowed Dr. Audet to connect with children in an educational yet playful way. Children have a lot of questions and the books in the Felix and Booboo Series have the answers. To keep your child engaged in learning, Dr. Audet has posed questions for your child to help gauge their understanding of the subject, while giving advice to parents as well. Look at this book as your visit to the doctor where Dr. Audet adds that special touch to your child’s needs. Do yourself and your child a favor by not only picking up this book, but the others within the series as well.

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