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Logo Felix and Booboo

Illustrator: Mylène Villeneuve

Educative picture book series on human body and diseases
Felix and Booboo doctor suitcase

Felix has a magical doctor suitcase. Booboo, the stethoscope, is the commanding officer of a group of nine magical doctor instruments.


In the doctor bag:

  • Booboo is the stethoscope

  • View is an otoscope

  • Loop is a lens

  • Hot is a thermometer

  • Pic is a syringe

  • Pill is a bottle of pills

  • Long is a measuring tape

  • Ahhh is a tongue depressor

  • Toc is a reflex hammer

Books are available in paperback, EPUB, Kindle and PDF.

All picture book has a 24-page story and a quiz.
The main character: Felix

Hi! My name is Felix, let me introduce my friends.




I am a stethoscope. I listen to your chest, lungs, and tummy with my head.

Toc, the reflex hammer


I am a reflex hammer. Read my bloopers in each book.

Pill, the bottle of pills


I am a bottle of pills. I can transform myself in any type or form of medication.

Long, the mesuring tape.


I am a measuring tape. I explain disease and human body. Sometimes, it is very long.

Pic, the syringe


I am a syringe. I hate to give a needle to children. It gives me headaches.

Loop, the lens


I am a lens. My magic head makes things bigger than they are.

Cho, the thermometer


I am a thermometer. I spit hot water when a child has fever.

Ah, the tongue depressor


I am a tongue depressor. My white paper dress keeps me clean. I loved to be well dressed.

View, the otoscope


I am an otoscope. My head is like a small television. I look in children’s ears, nose, and mouth.

The Series

The Series
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