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Lucas Has an Earache



Lucas, Felix’s cousin, cannot swim because he has an ear infection. Fortunately, Felix and his magical instruments have a good solution to fight the bacteria responsible for this infection. This story reveals the secrets of otitis.



Otitis Book Sample


Reviewed by Deanna R. Sweeney for Readers' Favorite

Lucas Has an Earache by Dr. Nicole Audet is definitely an interesting story for all young readers. Many young children find a visit to the doctor a daunting and frightening experience. However, Dr. Nicole Audet finds a creative and imaginative way of making the visits more fun and less scary. In this particular book, some of the most common instruments used in a hospital for children are explained and their functions elaborated upon. The questions incorporated at the end of the story are spot on. They will definitely enhance readers’ comprehension of the function of each medical instrument, particularly in the case of ear ailments. Additionally, the illustrations by Mylène Villeneuve are interesting and innovative. Overall, the idea behind the book, Lucas Has an Earache by Dr. Nicole Audet, is simply brilliant and the execution even more accurate and enthralling.

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