Nicole Audet, M.D.
Family Doctor and Author

Agent: Danielle Hampson,

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The Magic of Empathy

Coming Soon!

My father hated eating unsalted potatoes, which he considered bland and tasteless. Like him, I stay hungry after a superficial and meaningless conversation. To spice up my relationships, I had to put in some empathy, a mysterious spice that has the power to transform the lives of those who master it. 

In this book, I first demystify the theory of communication, and then I share a few stories about magical moments where empathy has worked its magic in my life and in my career. Finally, I present proven recipes to get you ready to speak to be understood and to listen to understand with your heart, with sincerity, and with empathy. 

These skills require preparation, concentration, and commitment to open up to others, but the benefits to those who practice and master them are beyond all expectations. After all, to be tasty, potatoes need salt just as communication needs empathy to enhance its taste. It’s magical!

Ruth Vachon, President, and CEO of the Quebec Business Women’s Network wrote the foreword.