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Felix Is Curious About His Body



Felix visited the human body museum with his magical medical instruments. He learned how blood circulation and filtration work as well as breathing and digestion. Felix also explored the body in motion, the five senses, and the wonders of the brain. With his friend Booboo, he scored 100% on his exam. Read this story and try Felix’s exam. Can you score 100%?

2019 Readers' Favorite Book Award




Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

I love the Felix And Booboo Series, along with the special care that Dr. Nicole Audet and illustrator Mylène Villeneuve take to not only tell a story but to educate children in such an entertaining and engaging way. As an added bonus, there is a human body exam that your child can take as well to test their knowledge about what they just read. What is so beautiful is that this book can be personalized for your child, and it is also written in French. No matter which of these books your child chooses in this series, you can be sure that they will be fully educated. Once they read this story, there are several others that they will want to add from the series to their library collection. Enjoy!

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