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Special Food for Sam



Felix baked special cookies for Sam. His magical medical instruments helped him prevent the eggs, the nuts and the cow milk from jumping into the cookie dough.

Big challenge for Felix!




Reviewed by Deanna R. Sweeney for Readers' Favorite

I chose this book to review because it touched on something in my life. My nephew is deathly allergic to nuts and he had a few very close calls because people in his school did not understand about allergies. This book does an excellent job of relating this important topic to youngsters in a way that is fun and engaging. The pictures in the book are beautifully done and partner with the written words perfectly. I also really liked the quiz provided at the end that summarizes the main points in the book. This will make it a good tool in the classroom for teachers as well as at home for parents. Well done!

Purple Dragonfly Book Award
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