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Is your family ready to adopt a pet?

Dernière mise à jour : 2 août 2019

On a Sunday afternoon, you walk past the window of a pet shop. Your child says: “Mom, I want to have this lovely dog. I will take care of it!” Your inner voice hesitates. You have heard this promise hundreds of time.

If you come back home with this dog and accessories, you will join the 67 million American households who own at least one pet. According to the American Pet Products Association in 2012, 164 US citizens have animals. They spent more than $50 billion on their beloved companions. On the other hand, annually about 2.7 million healthy dogs and cats can’t be adopted. About 70% of them come from families no more able to care for them. Even if these statistics have decreased, it is still too much. Adopting a pet needs preparation.

Why don’t you propose your child to get discuss this important issue during your next family meeting? Involving your children helps them to take their responsibility. They will love to collect answers in a pet log book before buying the pet and accessories.

Why do we want to adopt a pet?

Be honest, list all reasons.

Where will he leave in the house?

In the house, outside, in a cage…

Which dog breed fits our needs?

Size, habits, allergies….

What do you know about the selected breed?

What don’t you borrow a book at your local library to know more about this breed.

Do we have enough money to take care of it?

Accessories, food, veterinary, vaccines, treats, vacation, insurance, annual city taxes. List all fees. You will be surprised.

Who will take care of the pet? Don’t forget family vacation.

Food, walking if applicable, care, contest, training

Once you have answered all these important questions. You made your homework. Now it is time to take the decision. This family preparation increases your chance to have a long and happy life with your pet. Thus prepared, you will not be tempted to return back or euthanized your pet at the slightest obstacle.

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