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"This is another little winner from Dr. Nicole - combining learning with entertainment. Such a fine style of writing she has established – making the reader want more. Highly recommended." - Grady Harp, Amazon Reviewer


In this new 24-page, bilingual (English/French) picture book, a young boy named Xavier visits the zoo. At lunch time, he can’t find his lunch box. He decides to investigate. He asks all the animals the same question: “Are Eating My Lunch?” During his investigation, he will learn animals’ favorite food.

The happy ending will make young readers laugh and ask to read this story again and again.

This book is written in English and French.

This book is like a poem. The young readers will easily learn it by heart and request to have it read again and again.


Who should read this book?

· Nonreaders young child 3 to 5 as a bedtime story
· First grade students, easy to read and funny story
· Young readers who wish to learn a second language (French)
· Teachers could propose this story to young readers

What are the key messages?

1. All animals have a different favorite food.
2. You have to work to have food and rest.